Friday, May 15, 2009

The Saga of the Penllyn Socks

The saga of the Penllyn Socks (from Wildhorse Farm Designs) continues. Last fall, I offered to knit my cousin (she of Lladyhawk Llamas & Lavender) a pair of socks, she happily said Thank You and chose the Penllyn pattern (one of my favorites) and the yarn (from my statsh, also one of my favorites) she wanted me to I happily began to knit and the first sock turned out smashingly well (IMHO) and I began the second. Well the 10-row pattern repeat is so much fun to knit that I kept knitting it for 5 extra rows. This is not a pattern stitch you want to frog, so I decided to make this the first sock of a pair for me. Again, I was having so much fun knitting this pattern that I forgot to stop and the foot is too long for me and not long enough for my DC (dear cousin). That means I have two FIRST socks...only one of which fits any one I know!) and no second socks. Now I had to find more of the yarn because I did not have enough to make the second sock for my DC. Luckily I located the exaxt same yarn on the web, ordered it and now I have two FIRST socks and 2 more skeins of yarn to make two SECOND socks...but now I don't feel like knitting this pattern again because I have so many other socks I want to knit. This has all taken since last September! I am a slow knitter but I did knit and spin lots of other stuff during these 10 months I have been dealing with the 'Saga of the Penllyn Socks'.

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