Monday, January 02, 2012

Welcome 2012

I am really glad to say good-bye to was not a very good year for me and a lot of other people in this world of ours. I hope 2012 is better all around. I was reading a blog article (not a blog I would have normally read but I saw a quote from it on Twitter and I was intrigued) today about 'anchor habits' and how to add to them instead of just making New Year's resolutions that we (I) can never seem to keep and this resonated with me. Briefly, anchor habits are habits, preferably positive (or at least neutral) habits, that you naturally gravitate towards doing on a regular that morning cup of tea and doing the daily crossword puzzle. I thought about it and realized that, when I don't start a day off this way, I don't feel quite centered.  I recognized that I have a few 'anchor habits' and decided I liked the concept of adding a few more around them. To my morning 'anchor habits' I am going to add (actually, get back to) my 'Morning Cup of Yoga' routine and my 10-minutes of spinning. There are more 'anchor habits' I would like to form and I will try to gradually add them - among them, an almost daily walk and writing my blog. What do you think of this concept??
The beginning of the 'Turquoise Nugget' Shawl
Now to my knitting - lots of Christmas gifts completed and a few still to put on the needles :-( The list goes like this: 2 cowls, 3 pair of felted slipper/clogs, 2 pair of socks, a scarf and a shawl were completed (all during November & December-when am I going to start my Christmas knitting sooner?) and a pair of felted mittens and a tea cozy have yet to be started...but they will be, and soon or DH will NEVER stop harping at me. But, I am going to finish a wonderful, warm, bulky, brown sweater for me and a pair of glittery socks for me...
'Autumn Glitter' sock yarn - now on the needles
they are both started and the sweater is about 3 hours of knitting from being completed-Yea! The sweater needs some very special buttons since it is just solid brown (YES!!) and stockinette stitch and it just so happens that my dear cousin of 'Gourds Gone Wild' fame has added extraordinary buttons (as well as other neat and beautiful items) to her line of art gourds...check out the buttons by clicking on this link and scrolling about half-way down the page.
Well...that is enough time spent on my blog, now back to the real world of laundry, making dinner, writing Thank You notes and...finishing knitting my sweater! Hope 2012 is a happy and heathy one for all of you!