Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Spinning Places

Since I have three spinning wheels and a very small house, I have set up spinning places in 3 rooms. My favorite spot is in what I call my parlor...a very English is upstairs and is where I have made a retreat for myself. My office is just off this room so everything is very convenient. It is a space to read, knit, listen to music, sew, watch my sports programs (Go Yankees!) on a little TV and, now, it is a place to spin. The Louet S51...a delightful little at home in this space. My spinning chair is an antique Victorian balloon back chair...I so enjoy being surrounded by history. That is some of the carded Border Leicester in the basket at the foot of the wheel.
The view from the windows is of our wooded property and when I sit and spin at this time of the year I look out on the fully leafed-out trees and hear the many bird songs. The sun rises through the side window and early morning is my favorite spinning time and where I enjoy a cup of my favorite Irish Breakfast blend tea. In the distance I can hear the local trains; a sound I have always found peaceful and comforting. Spending time in this space is an antidote to the stress and chaos of the life beyond my is my centering place.

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Peggy said...

Loved the "Saga of the Shared Sheared Sheep" and especially the pictures! have much to share--large moving carton from new neighbors ready for you and David---"let the drum roll!. Peggy