Thursday, May 14, 2009

Still Picking, Carding and Spinning

Another day at peaceful "Davenport Pines" and another day spent picking, carding and then spinning more of the Border Leicester...a total of 14 ounces finished...are you kidding me? I have spent the last 3 weeks of my life doing this and I only have 14-ounces of singles...not even plied...yarn to show for it!! And how many POUNDS of fleece do we still have to pick, card and spin...don't even ask. However, the singles are gorgeous (if I do say so myself) and they have been moved to two storage bobbins to let the 'spin settle' before they are plied. We just purchased two (we never do things simply) flickers and I am looking to decide which tensioned Lazy Kate I will purchase because plying is the part I find most stressful. It is so nice that DH gets just as involved in all of this as I do and it is also great to have a knitting friend...the one responsible for the fleeces in the first do all of the washing and hand-carding the Dorset. We are hoping to be knitting with this GLORIOUS :-) (Leicester) yarn by winter! We are just not saying which winter...Ha!

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