Monday, April 05, 2010

Spring at Davenport Pines

Happy Spring! OK, I know that I always say I love Winter (I DO!) and that Autumn is my favorite season (IT IS!), but even I must admit that this has been a very pretty Spring here at 'The Pines'. The giant forsythia is in bloom, the daffodils are up in profusion and the Crab Apple tree and old Pear tree are starting to show some color. Of course, the fact that the sun has been shining for days now and the sky is a deep blue does add to the over-all feeling of bliss I am experencing today.

But, one of the main reasons I am so happy it is Spring is because the Yankees are back!
Baseball season began for real last night (OK, the blasted Red Sox came from behind to win but there are 161 games still to go...and remember we didn't have such a great start last year and look where we wound up!).

I have been knitting and finished up some a couple of WIPs lately, so that feels nice too. The blue sweater is a baby sweater for my cousin's daughter's little baby boy, Landon Paul Alexander Parkhurst, and the brown one is knit from my very first hand-spun from scratch yarn...I am really proud of that sweater.
And I started Yoga classes 3 weeks ago and am really, really enjoying them. It feels good to be pushing my muscles and joints to new places. I guess this is part of what Spring is...a new beginning. So, Happy Spring and Happy New Beginnings to all of you.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Shearing Time

Exciting news! Just like last year - The Fleece Connection (Peggy, Donna & David) will again be the proud owners of some beautiful Border Leiscester fleece (and some Dorset blend, too) from the sheep of Peggy's friend. More fleece to skirt, pick, card & spin and then knit. Of course, it would be nice if all of last year's fleece was all finished...but it is not. Soooo, guess we had better get carding and spinning very soon! Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting adventures of The Fleece Connection, including the names of 2 more possible members of our jolly 'band of brothers, we'.