Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland

FINALLY...we are getting a real Winter snow storm! The wind is just starting to pick up and it has been snowing quite steadily for the past few hours...looks like we have about 6-inches of snow with more on the way! I know, many of you are saying, "What is wrong with this woman...we want Spring." Well I am a Fall and Winter person. I love bundling up in the cold and taking walks in the snow and sitting in front of a blazing fire in the fireplace, sipping wine and reading or knitting. Of course, I do think about the people without a home or without enough money to buy heating oil or food or warm clothes and are cold and hungry and miserable and I know warm weather and sun is better for them. I do a little bit to help (never enough) but; I am sorry, I still love a good Winter snow storm. The picture below is out the back window looking toward the Summerhouse.
Unfortunately, my knitting mojo has gone away for awhile. True, I have been sick with  a very bad upper respirarory infection since the last day of January and I am still fighting it and I am on the mend but that all takes a lot of energy. I have been reading almost a book a day so that is a good thing and I am sure my knitting mojo will reappear soon. As you can see in the following photo, I have at least four WIPs (not counting a baby sweater I was supposed to have finished by last Friday)...notice a color trend here?
I really need to get going on them. The 'sleeveless' sweater is being knit from my own handspun and all it needs are its sleeves and a good blocking. And then there are two different socks I am working on and just can't seem to move ahead on. The acorn sock (on left) only has about 2 inches before the toe and the Hedgerow sock (the darker brown one) only has about 2-inches knitted on one sock. I certainly wish I had decided to do this sock 2-at-a-time as I have no desire to finish this one let alone knit its mate. And then there is the Cat's Paw scarf that has been on the needles since last March! The scarf  is probably long enough now but I still have a lot of yarn left...not enough for another project...but too much to just stop knitting. Sigh! I think what I really need is to start a NEW and EXCITING project! That's it...a NEW project will cure my knitting blahs...stop laughing everyone...I can hear you!