Tuesday, January 05, 2010

'Argentina' and Her Flock

My dear cousin (of Lladyhawk Llamas & Lavender and Gourds Gone Wild fame) sent me many wonderful Christmas presents this year. They ranged from a ceramic Knitting Guardian Angel (knitting socks, of course) to a throw rug made from her own llama fiber to a gorgeous felted-fabric handbag to 'Argentina'...a fluffy, happy, hand-made from Alpaca fiber and champagne corks (!) creature who makes me smile whenever I look at her. And it just so happens, that a knitting friend of mine gave my DH and me wonderful hand-knitted, stuffed sheep for Christmas...so 'Argentina' has a flock to mind!! She is SOOOO happy.
I finally got around to knitting and felting my DH a little box to hold his favorite pen & pencil set. He has been asking me to knit this for months but there was always another project ahead of it in the queue. He is quite pleased with it...Happy New Year, DH.