Thursday, May 28, 2009

Knitting Connections

Last evening at my knitting circle (aka 'Purls of Wisdom') there were two new members. We are always happy to expand our merry group and welcomed them with open arms and smiling faces. As the conversations swirled, one of the new members looked at me and said, "I know you from somewhere". I had been thinking the same about her. She then said, "A B&B in Connecticut". I exclaimed, "Under Mountain Inn". Yes, saith she. Seems we (DH & I) had spent a lovely long weekend with this new member of Purls, her husband and mutual friends at this inn over 14 years ago. She had also worked in the same company as my DH many years ago, as had her DH. Talk about coincidence's. We were thrilled to re-connect. And it was knitting that made it happen!

Still knitting on the 'two-at-a-time-toe-up-on-one-circular-needle' that I intend to send my great-niece for her 10th birthday next month. It is a really fun pattern (Double Bubble) to knit and the yarn is perfect for my GN, but I really have to spend a lot more time knitting over the next couple of days to complete them in time for her birthday...and I don't have much time over the next couple of days to do just that. I must become a faster knitter...or stop doing so many other things...not! Perhaps one could comment that if I spent less time 'blogging' and more time knitting then I would be further along on the socks...and one would be correct!

Also still carding and spinning the gorgeous silver Border Leicester...have 22-ounces spun but not plied with many, many, many, many more ounces to go. And then we start on the white Dorset and Border Leicester. And that will also coincide with our (friend, DH & me) foray into dyeing with natural dye stuffs...Yeah! Am very excited about that. Other news...on Monday I am to have my first 'lace-knitting' lesson from a Purls of Wisdom friend. Oh, yes...I WILL master those dreaded YOs!!

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