Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shawls and Weaving

Well, as I mentioned...I could not wait to start another lacy-triangularly-shaped-shawl and so I did...and then I frogged it all back to the cast-on! Nothing seems to have changed in my lace-shawl knitting except the yarn & the pattern...I still can't get the correct stitch count and I still make mistakes!! I am convinced that I cannot knit and listen to an audio-book...or a Yankee game...or music...or someone talking to me...or..................because, if I do, I make mistakes. I ask you, what does that say about my mental facilities? That's up to you to decide for yourself. This shawl is being knit from yarn gifted to me by a friend (Thank you, Rosemary) from Purls of Wisdom (my knitting circle) and a lovely and easy (or so I thought), well-written pattern called 'Parisienne' by Katie White which I found on Ravelry. The yarn is Elegance from Knit Picks which is 70% Baby Alpaca & 30% Silk in a glorious colorway called Redwood (think reddish-BROWN...the picture doesn't do it justice, and, no, the shawl is not going to look like a Sting-Ray when it is finished!). This yarn has an inner glow and shows the stitch definition beautifully and is very lovely to knit with. After I ripped out my first attempt, I almost immediately started over again and now I am on the 3rd lace row and my stitch count is correct (Yes!!) and I am really loving this yarn & pattern & knitting lacy-triangular-shawls...who would have thought?

Also, I am finally taking the plunge...I am going to learn how to WEAVE! I have always wanted to learn this art, even before I wanted to spin. Working at The Spinnery most every week and looking at all of the looms and the beautiful fabric on those looms has weakened my resistance to adding more projects to my never-ending list...but, so it goes. And, when, I was gifted with a sweet little 2-harness loom by a friend, what could I do. So now I am a knitter, crocheter, sewer, yarn-dyer, spinner, tea-blender...soon to be weaver...we really need a bigger house and I need more time in each day! I don't have pictures of my new loom but they will be forthcoming...and maybe I can weave some Christmas presents after I spin some yarn to knit into Christmas presents and knit the projects for the Christmas presents and dye the sock-yarn for the Christmas presents, finish knitting the sweater & socks for a June (2010) birthday present...and, maybe, just maybe, all of these projects will be finished for Christmas.........2012...unless I find some more projects to work on!

PS> The Garland Shawl is blocked!

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