Friday, August 27, 2010

Late Summer Light & Blocking

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I noticed today that the light in the backyard looked different than it had for months and I realized that it was a Harbinger of Autumn. The Earth has rotated enough so that the Sun is now lower in the sky and, around Davenport Pines, that means the light being filtered through the leaves of our trees is softer and not as intense. Welcome, the first visage of my favorite time of have been long in coming.
As soon as I feel Autumn arriving, the energy I have been without during this hot & miserable Summer begins to return and I am least a little. All of the projects that have been on hold or not begun because of my lethargy are un-earthed and finished or begun. One of these unfinsished projects is my Cat's Paw first lace project. I had finsihed knitting it months ago and all it needed was blocking; so, on this day that makes me feel alive again, I decided to block it...not realizing that it would take a long time to do. Threading the blocking wire, inserting the blocking pins (I was almost finsihed when I understood how they had to be placed and so I had to re-do all of them) and measuring and readjusting to make it as even as possible. Over an hour later, my 8" x 70" scarf was blocked (not too well) and sitting on the blocking pads & towels on the living room floor...the only space in the house available for this project. if you look closely, you can see the little 'Cat's Paws' in the photo below.
I may have discoverd that I enjoy lace-knitting but I have also discovered that I am not very fond of blocking the lace projects I knit.


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Jean said...

I have one of these waiting to be blocked as well!