Monday, April 13, 2009

Spinning, Fleece and Spring

Spring is here...sunny, deep blue skiy and lots of daffodils and forsthyia looking like sunlight...but the temperatures are still in the 30's at night and mid-40's by day...which is just the way I like it. Spinning is going very well with 4 yarns completed...3 of them waiting for the project to be knit with while the bulky singles spun with heathered grey/brown Jacob roving has become a pair of Maine Morning Mitts and I look forward to wearing them on our next Maine sojurn.

Finished spinning the Fallen Leaves roving...that's it on the right...gorgeous colors and so will become a vest with a shawl color.

Bought my first fleece last week...Yea!! Gorgeous shades of grey with a hint of gold Gotland with a wonderful staple and crimp and very clean with light should be easy to clean and card and as this is my first attempt at both, I am glad that is the case. Later roday I will be picking up my next fleece (yes, that is addictive too), an English Leiscester that a knitting friend has arranged. My knitting friend will also be getting a fleece because, even though she doesn't spin (yet!) she wants to learn about the process of turning sheep wool into yarn. We will work together and that will make it lots more fun. The adventures continue!

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