Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot Weather Knitting

It has been HOT and HUMID here in nothern NJ for the past week+...temperatures in the mid-80's (sometimes higher) and the humidity is off-the-charts...if this is a harbinger of what Summer will be like this year, I want to pass and go straight to Winter (although last year's Winter weather was nothing to write home about). I am NOT a hot-weather person...in fact, I detest it, and the thought of sitting and knitting on a wool item - even a pair of socks - doesn't work for me. So, what to knit? I have a linen sweater partially done (from 2-3 years ago)...but I don't really like the color and I mis-read the pattern so the row count is wrong on what is completed - don't want to go there. I have another linen/coton/silk shell finished except for the edging - that is from 5 years ago...can't seem to get around to adding the edging - especially since the arm holes are too large and I have to figure out how to make them smaller as I add the edging...too much work right now in this hot weater. And one can only knit so many wash cloths.
HJ's Linen Guest Towel
Maybe it is time to knit the Linen Guest Towel out of some of the EuroFlax I bought last year...yes, that sounds about right - the towel it is, now I just have to find the yarn...and the pattern!

Maybe I will just read instead.

What do you knit when it is too hot??

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Knitman said...

I like the look of the towel. I guess if it is too hot I just read or watch tv. Not sure. I know I knit daily so maybe I do even when very hot.