Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Many Projects Are Too Many?

Lately, I have been dreaming about new knitting & spinning projects to do...instead of actually knitting & spinning on the projects I already have on my needles and wheels (or writing in my blog about dreaming on new projects to start). I don't really want to work on any of the projects I already have going...I just want to START more projects. Now, I know that makes no sense because how will I ever finish the projects I have started so I can, in good conscience, start more projects. A true conundrum! Yesterday during the beautiful 10"snowfall, DH and I spent almost 3 hours on the swift and ball winder converting 14 skeins of yarn into balls so I can start new projects. Of course, if I had spent that time knitting or spinning on projects I already had going. I would have made a nice head-way into finishing at least one of them. Now, it is not that I don't like what I am knitting or spinning...I do. I like them all very much and I am not bored because each project is different (socks, lace shawl, spinning llama fiber) and each is enjoyable and satisfying in its own right. So, WHY am I spending more time dreaming of other projects and surfing the web for pattern and yarn options or searching on Ravelry for pattern suggestions...instead of actually working on the projects I have started. My question you do that too?


Carolann said...

Donna - this is one of my biggest struggles with the gourds, too! My creative mind is always working on overtime, so I want to just keep executing the ideas that are continually swimming around in there. And inspiration comes from everywhere, so it just never stops. And right now, I'm STUCK. Can't seem to move past starting new ones (almost daily) and not finishing any. What to do?! :-)

Ruth said...

Need you even ask? Of course I have tons of WIPs! A true KNITTER always has lots of WIPs. It comes with the territory.

And I too have lots of ideas in my head. what to do? But today I'm actually going to finish a sweater before starting something new. Shocking, I know!