Thursday, August 06, 2009

'Sock Summit 2009' Socks Redux

Forgot to mention that the yarn I am using in the SS09 socks I am knitting -so I stop whining about NOT being there- was hand-dyed by me in honor of the 'Dye For Glory' competition...I call it Autumn Sunset and it really glows in the sunset light.

Unbelievably, just as I was expecting 'tons' of Tweets from SS09 participants---Twitter crashed! At first I though it was because ALL of the SS09 Tweeters were Tweeting simultaneously on Twitter (do not even ask what that really means!) but that was NOT the case. Twitter was under a 'Denial of Service Attack', (Yes, it is as bad as it sounds) as my DH so helpfully explained! During the day, Twitter slowly recovered (and I realized how much I 'missed' my Tweet buddies...Oh, no, it has begun!) still doesn't seem to be at 100%.

After a VERY long 20 hour day-I believe I will crash-as soon as the final out is made in the Yanks-Red Sox game (Go Yanks!) being played as I type. After a glass (or two) of my favorite Pino Grigio I may finally be ready to try to sleep until 4:30 AM today (i.e. Friday, 07 August 2009).
'Sock On' SS09!!!!

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